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Invite 10 Business Building Program

We’re excited to announce the new INVITE 10 Business Building Program. This program will be the primary prospecting system for your WealthWave business.

In 14-years of being a speaker and trainer for WFG, I can tell you their biggest problem: running out of prospects. New associates contact their friends, family and business contacts, but after that, the well runs dry. The leaders typical response to this problem is to encourage there team to use the 3-foot rule, which means prospecting everyone who gets within three feet of you as you live your everyday life.

I hate this strategy. It reeks of desperation, and can in no way be considered a serious marketing plan. It’s one of the aspects of this industry that gives it a bad name.

I don’t know about you, but when I go out lunch or dinner, I don’t want to be prospecting the busboy. When I’m at a gas station, I want to get my gas and leave, rather than chatting up the guy next to me filling his tank. And when I’m at the mall, grocery store, gym, barbershop, nail salon or country club, I want to do what I came to do, and leave.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with prospecting people in the course of living your daily life, only that it doesn’t constitute a primary marketing plan for a 6-7 figure business. The leaders in this company only recommend this approach because they don’t have a better answer. The good news is, we do. And it’s a MUCH better answer.

I’ve spoken about this Affinity Market prospecting system (INVITE 10) on the weekly calls, and we did a LIVE training session on it at the Mansion in November. When Bill Gove and I introduced this system to the direct sales industry in 1998, they adopted it all over the world. The major industry publication back in those days was called Upline Magazine, which called our system “The greatest prospecting program in the history of the industry.”

Bill Gove, Dawn and I ran the program for 3 years, with thousands of reps from 97 different companies in 10 countries. I delivered speeches and trainings on it throughout the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, and Australia. The results were outstanding.

And then on December 9, 2001, Bill Gove died.

Dawn and I decided to disband the program and focus 100% of our effort on the corporate speaking/training/consulting market. We just didn’t have the heart to continue the program without Bill.

That said, we agreed that if we ever joined a direct sales company, we would teach our team the secrets of our system. Fast-forward 16 years to late 2018, when we joined Tom Mathews and his WealthWave team.

Like most associates, we started out by contacting our friends, family and closest business associates. Since we’ve built up a lot of them over the years, we were able to recruit 76 people within 90 days. Our credibility with this initial group helped propel us to early success and promote us to the Senior Marketing Director level.

But like everyone else, we eventually exhausted our initial list of contacts and are ready to deploy the secret weapon Bill Gove and I built all of those years ago. As a member of the Think Rich Team, you will have free and unlimited access the most successful recruiting system in the history of direct sales. 20 years ago we charged reps $1,200 per year for the program, but everyone on our team will have free access.

Here are the first two steps to follow before you begin inviting: 

Step #1: You decide on the affinity group with whom you have a connection.

We recommend you begin with your occupation. This is where most participants in the program have the most success. Lawyers inviting lawyers, doctors inviting doctors, speakers and trainers inviting speakers and trainers. As an example, Dawn and I will be inviting speakers, trainers and coaches, since that’s the profession with which we have the strongest connection and most credibility.

Step #2: Compile a list of at least 300 people in your affinity group, complete with phones numbers and email addresses.

These lists can be easily assembled through a Google search or purchased from a list broker. These initial 300 names with take you through the first 45 days of the program. After that, you’ll have a tremendous feel for whom you should contact next.

Tiger Calls are every Thursday night at 7:00pm EST.

Dial In Number 641-715-3865

Pin Code: 683737

You guys are going to LOVE this!

See (hear) you on Thursday!



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