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WFG Account and Required Courses

Newly licensed associate, you are almost there! You have a few more courses and details that need to be done before you can begin your successful career with our Think Rich Team. Please follow the steps below to be fully prepared to begin your business.

Apply for your License (each state is different) visit: www.sircon.com

Most states will require your fingerprints and a citizenship affidavit.

Everyone that’s received a license after January 1, 2019 this process is included In your LAUNCH site.

Set up your WFG Account click "Create Password"

Direct Deposit is an account that allows WFG to directly deposit your commission checks into your checking account. It’s a good idea to set up a separate checking account for your new business. The account needs to have your name on it, no company names are allowed. 

Direct Deposit Authorization - sign up mywfg.com > Menu > Administration > BOSS

Info about Access Pass/Mandatory for WFG members:

-$65 per month
-Takes care of the E&O Insurance monthly fee, Affiliation fees
-If it is not automatically deducted and you get behind in payments for 2 months
  all appointments you have with WFG will be cancelled and you will have to go
  through the process again, plus, an administrative fee is charged to be reinstated.
-First two months are free
-As commissions are earned $65 will be credited each to month to charges.
-Read brochure for additional information

To sign up:

-Sign into you MyWFG account and:
-Go to Menu – Administration – Payment Central
-Click Access Pass
-Balance will show as $0.00
-Add to Cart to set up payment information – you will be charged $1.00 

Licensed Associates, these courses are required, they’re not difficult and can easily be done in a few hours. The courses will say 4 or 8 hours, but they don’t take near that long. If you joined us after 1/1/2019 this will also be in your LAUNCH site.

AML, LTC, NAIC We recommend SuccessCE because you can pull up the PDF while you take the test. :-)

MyWFG.com > menu > licensing & appointments > licensing > continuing education >

a. Click the "unlimited package" (bottom blue box)

b. Click state of Georgia (or state you're in)

c. Select "Life, Annuity, AML, Long Term Care and Health Insurance CE"

d. AML: "AML 2015 - Agent/Rep Responsibilities Under AML Laws" (Course Number: 47028)

e. LTC: Choose "Long-Term Care Partnership" (It's the 8-hour course)

f. NAIC: Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulations (4-hour course)

Continue to finish order, submit information and pay.

(National producer number: Look up on nipr.com if you don't know it! // Company: WFG 

After completing your AML and LTC course, you need to submit your certificates!

a. Submit AML course certificate:
- www.mywfg.com Menu >
- Administration >
- BOSS Electronic Forms >
- AML Certification >
- Enter the answer to your security question then click Submit> Select the Vendor (If you used SuccessCE, choose “Other”) and the date you took your course then click continue >
- Follow the DocuSign instructions.
- Make sure to attach a PDF of your certificate. Then click continue.

b. Submit LTC course certificate: Email this to wfglicenseapps@transamerica.com (Remember: put name and WFG code number in subject line!)

c. The NAIC is sent to the providers when requested including Crump.

*NOTE: You will need these certificates later, so print or download for easy access. I have a folder on my computer name Desktop where I save all my licenses.

Check your CE completion status any time:

- nipr.com >
- Get my CE Requirements >
- click on state of (your state) >
- Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry >
- select (state) >
- Enter your STATE license number (there is a “lookup” button there if you don’t know— it is on your STATE license certificate) and last name >
- Click submit and you will see what you have/have not taken.

PS- It is okay if you see “pending” next to a course you completed.

-WFG offers text messaging. Staying on top of your business is easier with text.
-Login to mywfg.com
-Click on PROFILE (bottom of the page)
-Click TEXT MESSAGES (follow directions) 




Nationwide Appointment

-You must complete all 3 courses to continue with the Appointment

 *NOTE: You'll not receive a certificate to print or download. They are documented within WFG.
Once you've completed all courses


Nationwide Annuity Training

1. Go to https://secure.reged.com/TrainingPlatform
2. Returning users-at the top right enter your Login Email and Password
3. New users –on the Right Side of the page under the Producers Get Started section, click “Register online and create a profile” and then login.
4. Product training will appear on the Left Side of the webpage.
5. Under Product Status/Carrier-Specific Product Training click “Go to Requirement”
6. On the Just-In-Time-Product Training “Enter Product Code” and use New Heights Product Code – NewHeightsS and click Submit. That will take you back to Producer Status – under Requirement click on “Go to Requirement” for the New Heights Suite Training.
7. Listen and Read the entire course.


Appointed Outside Your State

-Go to www.nipr.com
-Non-Resident Licensing
-Apply Here
-SS Number
-Producer License
-Pick State
-Insurance Producer
-Aciident/Health and also choose LIFE
-Click on Biographic Data
*No need to put in a Business Name
*No Agency name just hit NEXT

-Employment History
-Once you're done, you'll have green checks by each title


-Go to www.mywfg.com
-Non-Resident Appointments
-Non-New York
-Pick Carrier

To check your appointment status:

1. Log in to MyWFG > Menu > Commissions & Reports > Run a Report > click Licenses & Appointments > enter your agent code, select the “appointment” classification, select “Active” as the status and leave all other fields as is.

2. If you do not see the appointment you are searching for on this report, change the status to pending and look again.

3. If your appointment does not show in either fields – check for a rejected appointment by switching the status to rejected. If rejected, call the Licensing Department directly at 770- 246-9889, option 5.



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